Vectorworks Tip #012 – Preferences – Zoom Line Thickness

Another quick preference is Zoom Line Thickness. This preference is designed to help you see your line weights by emphasising thick lines. The more you zoom in the more it emphasises the thicker lines.






This elevation has some lines thicker than the others, but with Zoom Line Thickness not activated, it is very difficult to see where the heavy lines are.









This is the same elevation with Zoom Line Thickness activated. It is now easier to see where the thick lines are on the elevation.








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4 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip #012 – Preferences – Zoom Line Thickness

  1. I would just like to say that this preference seems to me to be essential to producing drawings that communicate ideas in creativity and understanding, and separate us from engineers . . . so to speak. Working without it produces weak, “data” style drawings that lack life. Just a thought. 😉

    • I have to agree with you Robert. It’s really important that you make your drawings “read” correctly. When I first learnt to draw I had to keep redrawing my plans until my boss was happy with the way that my drawings read. There is a lot of subtlety using a line weights and it’s important that you understand that the line weights mean something on the drawings.

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