SST_1401 – Introduction to BIM with Vectorworks

Cover ImageIntroduction to BIM – BIM (Building Information Modeling) is not just about drawings, it is about the way you create your design. BIM is not so much about the model as it is about the activity of Building Information Modeling (creating the 3D, creating information and making that information available to others).

BIM has been around as a concept for many years–but it has become fashionable lately. Some countries have decided that all government projects will have to be delivered using BIM principles. That has meant that many users are now very keen to learn about BIM.

Using BIM means that as well as creating 2D drawings for plans, sections, and elevations, you can draw walls, floors, roofs and other 3D forms in Vectorworks and use these to create live plans, sections and elevations, as well as extracting non-graphic information from the model like a finish schedule, door and window schedule, and other information like wall areas and glass areas. BIM is not just a new catch phrase, it is also a more efficient way of creating drawings in Vectorworks


  • Introduction
  • Document Setup
  • – Start with New File
  • – Document Setup
  • Layers and Stories
  • Creating Walls and Slabs
  • – Foundation Walls
  • – Lower Level Walls
  • – Top Level Walls
  • – Use Walls from Library
  • Slabs for Slabs and Ceilings
  • Doors and Windows
  • – Door Settings
  • – Inserting Doors and Windows in 3D – Standard Insertion
  • – Creating Roofs
  • – Creating A Roof From Walls
  • – Creating Drawings
  • Reports
  • – Electrical
  • – Wall Report
  • – Bracing
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