Landmark_SIG_041 Special Interest Group December 2013

In this webinar we looked at the problem of creating a swale on a sloping site. This is a detailed problem and it required us to look at site modifiers and site sections. The swale needed to create a scoop out at the front then take that soil and mound it in front of the drain.

If you are not familiar with site modifiers and site modelling, you might find this webinar to be extremely detailed. If you understand site modelling and site modifiers, you might find this webinar to be extremely beneficial.

Topics Covered:

  • looking at the swale problem
  • smoothing the site model
  • finding site model problems
  • smoothing the site modifiers
  • adding extra site modifiers to smooth the drain
  • creating a site model section
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One thought on “Landmark_SIG_041 Special Interest Group December 2013

  1. Hi John,
    I’ve got a question about visualization of points in 3D.
    I make surveys of buildings as a part of my job.The fact is: when I have to use the points I imported, to draw an elevation for example, I obviously need to see the point (I choose the cross as symbol) but I need to see the ID, the number, or some other information attached to it (as the points are stake objects). Well, is there a way to see the points as stake objects in any 3D view and not only in top/plan?

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