Vectorscript_SIG_003 – Vectorscript Special Interest Group December 2013

The aim of these sessions is to make Vectorscript easier. So if you are new to this, please start with the first session and work you way through. This session jumps into moving from the concept of the tool into Vectorscript.

The first step is to resolve the logic – what you want the tool or command to do and how it should do it. Then you can start to look at the challenge of code.

Topics covered:

  • why create a script
  • what we want our tool to do
  • example of the tool working
  • creating a script
  • creating a flowchart using UML
  • using Vectorworks to create the UML diagram, but it is easy to draw it by hand
  • checking the logic of the UML
  • writing the pseudo-code in Vectorworks, it has the structure of Vectorscript but it’s in english
  • whitespace is important and so are indents
  • creating comments in Vectorscript
  • add the variables
  • finding the actual code from Vectorscript
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