Landmark_SIG_040 Special Interest Group December 2013

In this session we looked at hatches, tiles, and briefly, gradients. There is a manual already written for planar graphics (SST_1107) which sets out the basic principles, but there are still questions. This is a great session for getting into the detail of hatches and tiles.

Hatches are not an easy thing to understand. They are not based on graphic shapes; hatches are line based. This makes it difficult to make shapes. Tiles, on the other hand, make it really easy to create shapes, but they make large PDF files.

Topics covered:

  • Importing a DXF File
  • Editing Design Layers
  • Filling the Park Area
  • Using Clip Surface to Create the Paving
  • Adding Further Paths
  • Assigning Graphics to the Paving
  • Creating a New Hatch
  • Editing a Hatch
  • Creating a Tile
  • Using Modify > Hatch to assign a Hatch
  • Using a Hatch to Create a Tile
  • Comparing a PDF using Tiles and Hatches
  • Editing a Gradient
  • Editing a Hatch
  • Adding a Background Color to a Hatch
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