SST_1311 Back To Basics Part 2

These are back-to-basics exercises, so that you can focus on basic techniques. It is easy to forget these basic techniques unless you practice them. The other day I was helping a client with a complex shape. The shape needed stretching, but when they used the Selection tool, it had the effect of changing the shape. What they really needed was the Reshape tool (refer to the exercise called Stretch).This is why it is so important to keep your basic skills up to date.

In another case, a client was asking about a tool that would remove an unwanted portion of a line back to a boundary object (Trim tool). I have several examples, but they all have the same basis, it is important to keep your basic training up do date.

Often when I see users struggling, they are not struggling so much with the advanced features of Vectorworks, they are often struggling with the basic tools and concepts. That is why we are going to have some back to basics sessions. This manual session is looking at editing tools from the Basic tool set and editing commands from the Modify menu.

Table of Contents

  • Eyedropper
  • Select Similar
  • Attribute Mapping
  • Reshape Tool
  • Rotate Tool
  • Mirror Tool
  • Split Tool
  • Connect/Combine
  • Trim
  • Lines to a Length
  • Chamfer
  • Offset
  • Clip
  • Move by Points
  • Move Command
  • Duplicate
  • Duplicate Array
  • Stretch Technique
  • Compose/Decompose
  • Smoothing Command
  • Align/Distribute Command
  • Join Command
  • Add Surface
  • Clip Surface
  • Intersect Surface
  • Flip
  • Arc into Segments
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