Landmark_SIG_036 Special Interest Group October 2013

In this session we looked at the Existing Tree tool to see how it can be used to replace existing trees on the site and also to see if it can be used for quick visualization of the existing situation.We also looked at the VBVisual tool.  This tool has realistic looking trees that still render quickly but to get a good range of trees, you need to buy extra ones.

Topics Covered:

  • introduction to the existing tree tool
  • finding the species data for the existing tree
  • setting the tag and number options for the existing tree
  • editing the settings on the existing tree using the Object Info palette
  • editing the critical root diameter
  • editing the tree protection zone
  • editing the 3D properties for the existing tree
  • Using VBVisual Plant
  • Where to get more VBVisual plants online
  • Changing the season for VBVisual plants
  • using the VBVisual Plant to create a symbol
  • adding a 3D symbol to a Vectorworks plant
  • controlling plant shadows
  • setting plant tag options
  • editing a VBVisual Plant symbol to scale it
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3 thoughts on “Landmark_SIG_036 Special Interest Group October 2013

    • That really depends on what you want to show. But you should certainly have some 3D Information in your plants so that when you need to show your clients the 3D view, or you want to see the effect of the sun, the plants are ready.

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