BIM_SIG_032 Special Interest Group October 2013

This session focused mainly on site modeling, creating steps in the site model, and creating a retaining wall that stepped along the site. The problem in this situation is the proximity of the retaining wall to the site boundary.

Topics covered:

  • drawing contours with the freehand tool
  • simplifying polygons
  • 2D poly to 3D Contours
  • creating the site model
  • site model settings
  • creating classes for site model settings
  • cropping the site model
  • creating site model modifies
  • updating the site model
  • displaying the existing site model or the proposed site model
  • creating a boundary or grade limits for their site modifies
  • creating a site model snapshot
  • drawing the wall on a site model
  • setting the wall heights so that the wall will appear on the site model
  • using Fit Walls to Objects to fit the wall to the site model
  • manually editing the wall peaks to fit the wall to the site modifies
  • using the  Create Stepped Wall command
  • using the roadway to create a path on the site model
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