BIM_SIG_031 Special Interest Group October 2013

In this session we started a project that will take several sessions to complete. The project will eventually have several apartments in different files that are then linked to an overall site plan. The aim is to be able to schedule the rooms and apartments from the main site plan.

For the session we will be creating a site model, creating space objects to represent the different apartment types, linking them to the site plan, and creating a quick solar study.

Topics covered:

  • changing the layer scale
  • drawing contours with the freehand tool
  • smoothing the polygon contours
  • disable snapping with the ` key
  • using the 2D Polys to 3D Contours… command
  • attaching data to the contours
  • using Modify via Record… Command to convert 2D polys to 3D contours
  • using the Create Site Model…command
  •  assigning graphic attributes to the contours in your site model settings
  • using classes to control the display of the site model
  • placing a Roadway (NURBS) on the site model
  • using the Send Stations to Surface button to fit the roadway to the site model
  • creating design layers for each apartment type
  • using spaces to create each apartment type
  • space settings
  • placing the apartment on the site using a design layer viewport
  • creating another design layer for the next apartment type by duplicating an existing layer
  • creating another apartment type by editing the space object
  • copying and editing the design layout viewports along the road
  • editing the height of the apartments to suit the site using Send To Surface
  • editing the location of the apartments using the object info palette
  •  creating several apartments using the same techniques
  • creating an adjoining building using the massing model
  • creating a solar study using the Heliodon tool
  • creating a report of the apartments on the site model
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