Wall Style Library Naming Convention

When you have a lot of walls in your Wall Style Library, it can be difficult to find the walls you want, so naming the wall styles to suit you is important. The default wall style names don’t suit me, because I like to have the dimensions first.

This a screen shot from a standard Vectorworks installation, showing the standard naming.

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2 thoughts on “Wall Style Library Naming Convention

  1. Here’s my question, Jonathan. You have a lot of wall styles marked “Exist”. Why would anyone create a wall style (that went beyond overall thickness and possibly exterior texture) for an existing wall? It’s not needful for the drawings, I would assume that one would always draw “existing” walls as solid white (except perhaps at intersections with new walls, maybe).

    • That is a good question. The wall styles you see in the image are the standard wall styles that we get in Aust. and NZ., they are not the wall styles that I would create. I agree with you in most cases all you need is the overall thickness. If the wall was brick veneer, you might want to show the brickwork, or if you had a range of timber, brick and concrete walls you might want to have a different graphic style for them.

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