epodcast 185 – Template vs Blank Document

When you start a new file, you can choose to use a Blank Document or a Document Template file, but which should you use, and is there a difference?

There is a huge difference, so you need to be careful and choose wisely.

A blank document is completely blank. It has none of your saved settings. So it does not have your tool settings, dimension standards, text styles, page area and so on.

The Default template very file is different. When you start Vectorworks it opens a copy  of the Default file. When you first get Vectorworks the Default template is the same as a blank document. But you can create your own template file and name it Default. If you store this file in your Templates folder, then when you start Vectorworks up it will use your Default file. This means that you could create a template that has your tool settings, story settings, text styles, wall styles, plants, etc.


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