cadmovie990 – Vectorworks 2014 – Part 20

Improved 3D Modeling – Vectorworks have introduced two new 3-D modeling tools. These tools I do not make it easier to change your models by twister and or changing the the taper on the face of your models.

Twist Tool – The twist tool will allow you to take an existing solid object and create a twist to it.

Taper Face tool – This will make it quicker to create tapered shapes by allowing you to work directly on the 3-D objects.

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One thought on “cadmovie990 – Vectorworks 2014 – Part 20

  1. These two new tools make creating in 3D even more fun and faster too. No longer having to clip to get desired result for a taper and the twist is super groovy, good for making ornate gates or just making surfaces more organic.
    Thanks for this series of cadmovies Jonathan. Only 10 to go to the big 1000!

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