cadmovie973 – Vectorworks 2014 – Part 3

Better working in rotated views – The rotated plan view has been very productive when you are working with plans that are not orthogonal. But there has been a challenge when you want to return to the rotated view, or you want to see a standard view relative to the rotated view. These two and  being able to use standard views with the rotated view is going to make it easier to create elevations from the rotated view.

Rotated Top/Plan view is now kept as a standard view – This will make it easy to return to your rotated top plan view because Vectorworks will remember the orientation of the view. So if you change the view, you will be able to return to your Rotated Top/Plan. If you change to the un-rotated  Top/Plan, you will lose your rotated version.

Standard views (front,back, etc.) work with rotated view. – Dramatically speeds up the ability to view complex buildings using standard views (Front, Back, Right, et cetera). In the past, it has required several steps to look at the front view of a rotated building. This new feature removes several clicks and commands,  making it very easy to set up standard use on a rotated plan.

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