cadmovie971 – Vectorworks 2014 – Part 1

Better 3D Working – Vectorworks have introduced several improvements that will dramatically change the way you work in 3-D. Taken on their own, they do not appear to be very different to the old methods, but added together they will change the way you think about working in 3-D.

New OpenGL Presentation – OpenGL has been completely rewritten by Vectorworks to make it faster, more reliable, and much better looking. It is now possible to work in your 3-D model in OpenGL all the time. In the past, when you turned on show lines you often end up with a lot of unwanted lines. This is no longer the case.

Occluded Selection and Snapping – There is now a new option for occluded selection and snapping. What this means is that when you turn this option on, you will only be able to select objects that are at the front of the rendered model. For example, if you turn this option on and you have a building, Vectorworks will select the objects you see first (say the wall of the building) rather than selecting the object that was placed last (kitchen cabinetry).

New X-Ray Mode in OpenGL – If you work in OpenGL then it can be difficult to select objects that are on the other side of the wall if you use the included selection and snapping. To get around this the x-ray mode now works in OpenGL. This allows you to work in OpenGL all the time but when you want to select an object you can activate the x-ray mode which will make it easy to select objects that are behind others.

Enhanced Walkthough Tool – The walk-through tool has been substantially changed, making it easier to move around your model. There is a new elevator mode which makes it easy to change levels of the building.

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