DropBox Update Allows iPhoto Intergration

I use Dropbox a lot and I recently found out that there is an update to Dropbox. After my backing up problem, I’m glad to have an online storage system for my current projects. I also use Dropbox to share files with my clients and colleagues. It is amazing how many applications now have links to Dropbox.

You have to go to the website to download the update for Dropbox 2.4. One of the major updates is the integration of your iPhoto library into Dropbox. This will allow you to backup your photos to your Dropbox account, giving you online access to all your photos from any connected computer.

Dropbox have had a feature for some time that allows you to link camera uploads to your Dropbox. This has been useful if you have several devices connected to Dropbox.

In Dropbox settings, activate Camera Upload. When you take a photo or a scene capture, the image will be uploaded to your Dropbox account. This is really useful when you need to access the image on a different device from the one you used to capture the image.

It is also a great way to save the photos from your phone camera. If you lose the phone, or if you delete the images from the camera app, you will still have the images stored in Dropbox.

The extension of this is to link your iPhoto library to your Dropbox.

Go to the Dropbox settings.




Choose the Import option.

Click on the Import Photos from iPhoto button.


Click on the Import Photos to DropBox to finish. As you can see from this screen shot, i have a few photos so ti might meant that I have to buy more storage.


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