Education_SIG_012 Education Special Interest Group September 2013

This session discussed the concept of creating a flow of exercises from early conceptual exercises through to rendering and texturing. It seems important to me to make sure that there is a flow of concepts from an exercise to the next.

One of my favorite business books is called Simplicity
by Edward De Bono.  This book focuses on trying to make things as simple as possible, including education. One of the premises from this book is that when you teach a concept you should try to make sure that you are repeating parts. In the book, Edward De Bono  uses the example of teaching the alphabet. He says that we should teach the alphabet backwards so that you always end up on a familiar concept. I really struggle with the idea of teaching the alphabet backwards but I think what is trying to say is that if you repeat concepts and then add a little bit more to it than it is easy for people to learn.

In this movie I explained the reasoning behind the  Essential Tutorial manual and how this teaches users some of the complex concepts in Vectorworks. The Essential Tutorial manual introduces the concept of BIM at a very early stage so that when we revisit BIM later in the manual the users already familiar with some of the parts.

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