Over the years I have been collecting textures that I like to use in my Vectorworks drawings.

You can choose to put the textures in your template file, or you can choose to put these textures in the User Folder or Workgroup Folder.

Download the file for your version of Vectorworks, then add it to your User folder or Workgroup folder.

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4 thoughts on “Textures

    • If you place the textures in here:
      userfolder/libraries/defaults/Renderworks – Textures

      then the textures will become Default Content. This means that the textures will appear in your pop-up menu when you assign textures through the Object Info palette.

      However, you could easily store these textures anywhere and add them to the resource browser as a favorite. If you do this the textures will not appear as Default Content, but they will be easy to access through the resource browser and you will be able to drag-and-drop the textures onto any suitable objects.

      • Does either location affect the startup time of VW? I ask because i seem to recall that previous versions of VW would take a long time to start if one had a long list of Favourites, or large Favourites files, in the Resource Browser.

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