What Use is the 2D Locus?

It is tempting to think that the 2D locus tool has no use, after all it is only 2-D.

The reality is that this tool is extremely useful when you are creating symbols, for creating non-printing locations (points), and for helping with alignment.

I use the 2D Locus a lot when I am making symbols. The locus is great for making snap points in your symbols. These snap points then make it easy to snap the symbols together.



There is also a technique you can access called Snap to Locus. This is a Vectorworks preference that used to be available on the Vectorworks preferences dialogue box, but it is now hidden away. You can still access it through a simple script.

Place the required Loci.

When you activate the Snap to Loci, using get infinitely long construction lines from each locus. This can make it very easy to place your objects in line with these loci.


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