2D Drawing is All I Need

I have many clients that tell me that they do not need to work in 3D. They might have a point, they are required to submit drawings as plans and elevations and their clients are not demanding 3D visualisations. I would say that they can get away with 2D, but they will not be able to do this for ever.

The image is a photo from the local newspaper. Here is a a real estate advert showing the 3D view of a small development. Even this modest project uses the computer visualisation to help prospective clients see the project, so 2D is not enough for this project.

It is not easy for your clients to understand plans, sections and elevations. It is much easier for them to understand a 3D view. But it is also difficult for them to tell you they don't understand. If you create a simple rendered view, it will help them enormously to understand the project.

It is easy for us to forget that our clients cannot read drawings the way we can. I know that landscapers I have spoken to also have this issue, where the clients have trouble reading the drawings.

This image is also from the local real estate guide, but this time the designer has modelled the complete project. This makes it very easy for others to understand the project. If 2D drawings had been provided, the project would not be so easy to understand.

You might be able to get away with only 2D drawings for a while, but you are not giving your clients the best possible service. You can really help your clients by providing simple 3D models.

Some users argue that it takes a lot longer to make a 3D model, but it doesn't if you use the tools they way that they have been designed. Walls for example will automatically have the correct height if you set them up correctly. Doors and windows can easily have the correct height and vertical location. Roofs can be made reasonably easily. Just these parts can make a simple line rendering.

But the big issue is that the model you create, or the drawings you provide are your marketing. A simple model will help the client and will show your design in the best possible light. It is improved marketing. When you are competing against others that provide 2D drawings only, your company will look better. When you are competing against the images above, your projects will be easily understood.

Don't forget that young students leaving college will be competing with you at some stage. This blog post shows what they are up to now.

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