AutoCAD – Vectorworks Translation

When new users start Vectorworks, and they have previous AutoCAD experience, they often use AutoCAD terminology to describe Vectorworks objects and concepts. Some AutoCAD objects sound like the same name as a Vectorworks object, but they may not be.

I’m currently techig a user that has come from AutoCAD. So, as I teach Vectorworks concepts, I stated a list of AutoCAD concepts and related Vectorworks concepts. There are some things in Vectorworks that do not have a matching AutoCAD concept.

AutoCAD                    Vectorworks
Blocks                         Symbols
Attribute Blocks           Symbols with Link Text To Record
Layers                         Classes
Model Space               Design Layer
Paper Space                Sheet Layers
Viewports                    Viewports
X-Ref                           Reference Files
–                                  Walls
–                                  Doors
Crossing marque        option/alt selection marque

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