Landmark_SIG_032 Special Interest Group August 2013

In this session the users wanted to look at the Vectorworks plant database and how that relates to plants in the Vectorworks file. The reality is that there is no direct connection between the Vectorworks plant database and the plant in your Vectorworks file, but there is a clear method to get the information from the Vectorworks plant database onto a Vectorworks plant.

Topics covered:

  • the plant database does not talk directly to your Vectorworks plants
  • what is the concept of getting information from your plant database into a Vectorworks plant.
  • Vectorworks plant list contains the information from the plant database
  •  opening the Vectorworks plant database
  • fixing an installation error with the plant database
  • if you open the plant database from outside Vectorworks you can create an error that stops the plant list being created in the correct location
  • finding plants in the plant database
  • creating a plant list from the found plants
  • getting the information from the plant last onto a plant
  • updating the plant list after updating the Vectorworks plant database
  •  updating the Vectorworks plant after updating the plant list
  • creating a Vectorworks plant list worksheet
  • editing the Vectorworks plant list worksheet to add a new column
  • finding the correct worksheet code to get specific information from a Vectorworks plant
  • storing your edited worksheet in your library
  • importing an old Vectorworks plant database into the new plants database
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