Education_SIG_011 Education Special Interest Group August 2013

This session we looked at technical drawing skills and whether or not they are still valuable. we looked at a drawing tutorial to see if it would help explain some basic drawing technology.


I believe that these basic technical drawing (mechanical drawing) skills are vital. I know that Vectorworks can be used to complete a lot of these tasks automatically, but it is still important to understand how they work.

Topics covered:

  • introduction to technical drawing
  • looking at the technical drawing exercises on this website
  • creating an orthogonal drawing
  • drawn lines tangent to a curve
  • creating a fillet corner with Vectorworks
  • creating a fillet corner manually
  • placing a house on the plan using triangulation
  • finding two curves that join at tangent
  • review of the book “the shallows” and how it explains the changes in your brain
  • looking at the work by the E I T students
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