We Don’t Teach Technical Drawing Any More

When I was in high school we had tech drawing, but today the students have Graphics. We had to learn about third angle projection, developing shapes, navigation, and drawing arcs and lines. Graphics is not about these topics, it is about design and innovation.

When I learned about technical drawing, it was very technical and there was very little opportunity for design. We were being trained up to work in an engineering factory or office. At the time was was a bit disappointed that there was so much technical and so little design.

Today I often get called on to answer questions about technical drawing. It amazes me that some basic technical drawing questions are not widely known, things like using arcs to triangulate a the position of a house on a site, drawing two arcs that come together at a tangent, or simple 3rd Angle Projection.

I found a tutorial here:


Here is an another explanation of Orthographic Projection

What is first angle orthographic projection?

What is third angle orthographic projection?…

This movie is an introduction to the concept of orthographic drawings.

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