Vectorscript_SIG_001 – Vectorscript Special Interest Group August 2013

Vectorscript is a built-in program language that comes with Vectorworks. although Vectorscript is a computer language it does give you the ability to create your own tools and utilities with Vectorworks if you invest some energy into learning Vectorscript you will be able to create your own tools and objects substantially increasing the power of Vectorworks.

I have been asked by my subscribers to offer a special interest group that deals with Vectorscript. This session was the first of these special interest group meetings. The topic was, naturally, a beginner’s introduction to Vectorscript.

Topics covered:

  • using Vectorworks is about drawing not being a computer program
  • introduction to why I learned to use Vectorscript
  • you can speed up your drawing system by learning to use Vectorscript and then creating your own productivity tools
  • creating a first script using the Vectorworks command Custom Tool/Attribute
  • basic syntax of Vectorscript
  • editing your custom tool script
  • creating the first script “hello world”
  • Vectorscript function reference
  • the Vectorworks introduction to Vectorscript PDF file, found in your Vectorworks application folder under VW help/additional documentation
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