What is a 21st Century Pencil?

One of my subscribers pointed me to this blog about the 21st Century Pencil. Although this blog is mainly about ArchiCAD, a lot of what he says is applicable to Vectorworks.

Like the author of this blog, I sometimes have clients who do not feel comfortable changing to BIM in Vectorworks. I also think the part of the problem can be fear. We all get into a comfortable zone, and it can be difficult to break out of that zone. Some people use the expression “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” I wrote about this recently, where I said that you sent me can teach an old dog new tricks, but the rewards have to be worthwhile. And this is probably the issue. Clients that do not want to change to BIM do not perceive it as having much value. After all the been able to run the businesses and make a profit without it.

But I also have many clients that are using the BIM principles in their drawings. They are finding that by using these principles they are able to improve the quality of their work and they are able to improve the productivity of their drawings. I also have clients that are now starting to understand that without moving to this way of computing they will lose business.

I did like this part:

We live in a world of yearly software upgrades. To maintain our skills we can’t just practice what we know, we need to also continually learn new advances, techniques, and options. Otherwise our knowledge becomes obsolete. If we don’t constantly learn, our static knowledge becomes relatively less. There is no coasting. There is either improvement or degrading.

I have been talking continuing education for some time. I believe that attending regular online sessions through this website is a fantastic way to keep yourself up-to-date, to continually learn new advances, new techniques, and new options.

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