Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP

There are many computer users that are still using Windows XP, but Microsoft have announced that support for this will end in April 2014. After this, you will not longer get updates or support. Windows XP is old, about 12 years old, but some users still like using it.

This means that Microsoft will not give you support if you have a problem with your computer and they will not fix any bugs or security flaws. To quote Microsoft’s New Zealand business group manager:

“Security and privacy of data is the biggest ricks once support for XP ends, and the only way businesses and consumers can protect themselves is to upgrade.”

When you upgrade, you will have to check the compatibility of your old software on the new operating system and you have to visit the manufacturer of each program to do that.

If you have to buy a new computer now, it will come preloaded with Windows 8. Any software you have for windows XP will have to be checked for compatibility with the new computer.

If you have an old version of Vectorworks try this web site to check the compatibility:



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