Converting Surveyors Spot Levels to 3D Loci

I was helping a client the other day with a survey drawing. The file was all 2D, so the spot levels had to be manually added. The surveyor had the text for the height of the spot level, but there was no corresponding 3D locus for creating the site model.

It is easy to create a 3D Locus using the 3D Locus tool, but there are two problems. First, it’s a long slow job. Second, if you manually input the locus height it is easy to make an error.

The solution is to have a tool that you can click on the location for the locus, then click on the survey text and have this automatically create the locus at the correct height.


It answers the both problems:

  • it is a lot faster to use this tool because you just need to click;
  • it measures the survey data, removing the chance of making an error.


Find the tool here and install it.

I have just updated this tool so that it works regardless of of your units.

2 thoughts on “Converting Surveyors Spot Levels to 3D Loci

  1. Hi Jonathon, I am trying to add and use this tool. I put the 2015 Archoncad Plugins in my VW plug in folder. I can see the tool when I open Tools-Plugins-Plugin Manager but I can’t figure out how to access it or use it??? any tips for me

    • After you have added the tool to your Vectorworks folder and you have re-started Vectorworks, you need to add the tool to your workspace. An easy way to do that is to choose a tool palette (like Site Modeling) then go to the Utility menu at the bottom of the tool palette and choose Customise… That will open the Workspace Editor.

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