Microsoft Office 365

I have just upgraded my old Microsoft Word to Microsoft Office 365. It was time to upgrade, but it is a program that I use a lot, so it does pay to keep it up to date. Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service, which means that I will have to pay each year, but it will mean that I have the most up to date Microsoft Office.

One of the selling points for me was that this subscription allows me to install Microsoft Office on 5 machines (both Mac’s and PC’s). I have a few machines in my office and it is a challenge to keep them all up to date. Microsoft Office 365 makes that easy.

I found this web site that explains Microsoft Office 365 in more detail.

I have met several people that would rather use the free versions of office that are available online, but I have always found them to be less capable than the full Microsoft Office. The time I wasted trying to use one of the free versions is more than the cost of the annual subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

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