Landmark_SIG_031 Special Interest Group July 2013

In this session we looked at retaining walls and site modifiers. We looked at the Landscape Wall tool to see is this will retain the site model in the way we want. We also looked at using site modifiers to create retaining walls and using hardscape as site modifiers.

Topics covered:

  • Landscape walls
  • send to surface
  • adjusting the grade limits (boundary) on the retaining wall
  • updating the site model
  • joining landscape walls
  • creating a pad site modifier
  • setting the elevation of a pad site modifier
  • creating several site modifiers
  • site modifiers cannot touch
  • Create Grade Limits from Pad… command creates the grade limits (boundary) for you
  • updating the grade limits
  • one grade limits with several pads
  • using the freehand line to create a site modifier
  • retaining wall site modifier
  • using rectanges and adding them to site modifiers
  • reshape site modifiers with the reshape tool
  • using polygons and the double polygon tool to create the plan of the terraces
  • creating hardscapes from polygons
  • use hardscapes as site modifier
  • editing hardscape elevations
  • texture hardscapes on the site model
  • drawing walls to line with hardscape objects on the site model
  • adjusting wall elevations and heights to match the hardscapes
  • texture bed
  • editing the site model crop
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One thought on “Landmark_SIG_031 Special Interest Group July 2013

  1. That was a very informative session. i liked the ability to create pads/hardscapes as site modifiers, a very good and quick way to make steps!

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