Landmark_SIG_030 Special Interest Group July 2013

In this session we looked at two main topics. The first topic was how to set up a two-story building without using stories. The second topic was how to set up unexploded view of a project as in the image to the left.

Since stories are only available with Vectorworks architect, we need to have a way of setting up stories in a logical way. The method that we can use is called layers. Layers have the ability to have an elevation, which allows us to structure a building with the correct elevations for each floor of the building.

Layers can also be used to create an exploded view of your landscape drawings to help your clients and contractors understand the relationships between the base plan, the drainage, planting, etc.

Topics covered:

  • structuring a file to create a building
  • setting the elevations of layers
  • what is a layer for
  • working out the layout heights and elevations
  • use classes to break up the information in the layers to create the drawings you want
  • editing a layer name
  • setting the layer elevation and Layer Wall Height
  • creating a new layer and setting the elevation and Layer Wall Height
  • setting the roof layer height
  • drawing the plan and drawing the walls
  • creating a roof from the walls
  • creating a section view port
  • setting the wall height to use the layer settings
  • creating floor joists with the Floor… command
  •  creating a drawing of a large landscape to create an exploded view
  • setting layer heights to create the exploded view
  • using viewports to create an exploded view
  • using the elevation benchmark tool
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