Education_SIG_010 Education Special Interest Group July 2013

The attendees wanted to talk about setting up the structure for a training course. The example that we used is a landscape course, but the principles will be the same for any course that you want to create. I have used two manuals as the basis of the course work.

Some teachers want to write their own courseware, but at tertiary education, tutors expect the students to purchase textbooks. I have been looking at a course at a local college and the tutor there expects everyone to purchase the text book, attend sessions, and put in a number of self-directed hours of study.

Topics covered:

  • start with end in mind – learning objectives
  • setting up the sessions
  • writing the notes in word 2013
  • finding Auto-Correct in word
  • editing Auto-Correct to make it easier to write
  • deciding what is in session 1
  • how simple things can be used to teach useful techniques
  • self-directed learning
  • designing the structure of the course
  • using Education Resources to help teach students
  • using the Landmark Tutorial manual to build the course
  • going back over the course to add more structure to it
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