Education_SIG_009 Education Special Interest Group July 2013

In this session we looked at how the student should be advised to use self-directed study to improve the learning outcome. I have always used self-directed study, but i used to call it homework. From now on, I will be using this new phrase.

it is really important that the students realise that working on their own is just as important as the time they spend with the tutor.

Topics covered:

  • self-directed study, where didi I see this
  • why use self-directed study
  • repetition is the mother of learning
  • don’t call it homework, call it self-directed study
  • how the brain works
  • deciding on the structure of your training
  • using the Essential Tutorial Manual for training, then choosing your own direction
  • setting the learning goals, then making sure that your training suits
  • books that explain why self-directed study is important
  • the local college thinks that self-directed study is important
  • keep the interest of the student
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