Using Custom Profiles with the Framing Member tool

I saw this recent blog from Steve Scaysbrook about using Timber beams. In the Blog Steve was looking at the use of sawn beams and he mentioned factory made timber I-Beams. See Steve’s post here..
As a follow-up, I called Steve to talk to him about how to use Vectorworks to draw these beams. There is a tool in Vectorworks called the Framing Member tool. This tool is great for drawing various type of framing. There is a command that works with it to quickly create floor framing at the elevation and spacing that you want.
The Framing Member allows you to use custom profiles for the shape. This allows you to create your own custom profiles, store them in your user folder and use these custom profiles on every project. In this movie, I create custom profiles that match the Carter Holt Harvey HyJOIST profiles.

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