SST_1307 – Customising Vectorworks

Vectorworks works really well, but if you edit the workspace, and customise the arrangement of the tools and menus you can work faster. Making these changes can save you several minutes a day and it can also make it more pleasant to use. Maybe you could save yourself 5 mins a day with some simple workspace changes. This doesn’t sound like a lot. But 5 mins a day is equivalent  to 20 hours a year. 20 hours is a lot of time and money, so it is worth learning how to make a few changes.

Vectorworks is expandable. You can find free tools or pay-for tools on the internet. You will learn how to add tools to your Vectorworks, how to edit the menus, tools, how to add commands to the contextual menus using the Workspace Editor, and how to create some simple tools using the Custom Tool/Attribute command.

T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s

  • Introduction
  • Workspaces
  • Move Palettes
  • Editing The Workspace
  • Creating a New Menu
  • Adding a Menu Command
  • Adding a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Removing a Command
  • Removing a Menu
  • Adding a Separator to a Menu
  • Contextual Menus
  • Tool Palettes and Tool Sets
  • Create a New Tool Palette
  • Adding Tools
  • Adding Tools Together
  • Hot Keys
  • Deleting Tools
  • Export Workspace
  • Custom Selection
  • Custom Tool/Attribute


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