I’m too Busy to Learn to be More Productive

I was teaching at a client's office this morning and we were looking at a range of topics. One of the comments was “That's great, that alone has made the training worthwhile. That is going to save me so much time!”

One of the other attendees noted at the end of the training that all the topics have been covered during the monthly online sessions. If they had attended the sessions, they would be using the productive techniques now, they would already be saving time. They don't attend because they are too busy, too busy to learn to be more productive. This caused quite a discussion.

The problem is a bit like the blog I wrote about Urgent/Important. The daily work is urgent, so it gets done. The training is important but not urgent. So while it should be done, the training doesn't get done.

Make sure you attend the online sessions each week, book here…


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