It’s not About Modeling, It’s About Marketing

I have had several clients say that they want to get the 2D drawing techniques under their belt before they look at drawing in 3D, as if 3D modelling is some sort of luxury. I think that they are missing the point, 3D is not a luxury to be pasted on top of the 2D plan. When you present your work to your client, you are selling or marketing your proposal to them. This image was modelled in Vectorworks and exported from Vectorworks to a specialist rendering program.

When some Vectorworks users look at these images they think of the modelling and rendering that has to be done. I agree that the modeling and rendering are extra work, but it is not a luxury. Modeling and rendering are essential work to selling your scheme.

I have a landscape client that moved from 2D drawings only to 3d modeling. Their conversion rate to get the clients from proposal to construction on site was 40%. They changed to modeling and rendering the projects. Each project now takes longer, but not substantially longer now that the planting has the 3D components and they have learned now to light and render the scene. But they noticed a dramatic increase in the number of clients that agree to the construction phase. Their conversion rate has increased to 90%! They now have 2.5x the number of projects in construction for the same number of clients that come in the door.

When I say it’s about marketing, this is what I mean. Using Vectorworks to increase your business.

When a rendered view is given to the client, they see their new project, they see the way it will feel, they see their dreams. Do they see that when they look at the plans? I doubt it.


This image is from an old UK client of mine, They use Vectorworks to create the model, they print out the view, and then they draw over the view to add the details and artistic quality. They have presented their concepts as sketches for as long as I have known them, this is their way of marketing.


This image is from Natural Pools NZ. They are finding that clients respond to these images. If you look at their website you will see completed projects, but this image is for a prospective client. They do not have ti imagine how the pool will link with the house, they can see it here in the image. Creating images like this are a way to show your project in the best possible way, to market your project and your business to your clients.

This final project was modelled in Vectorworks, exported as IFC, imported in Cinema4D and rendered using V-Ray. This image is ready for the marketing brochure.

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