It’s Not About Learning, It’s About Staying Current

I was having a talk the other day with a client and previous subscriber to my web site. He said to me that he stopped his subscription because he felt that he already knew the topics that were being covered. But the reason I was talking to him was that he had just upgraded and needed to understand the new features of Vectorworks. As it turned out, it has been a few versions since he last upgraded, so there was a lot that he didn't know. In fact, there were so many topics that he started to talk about subscribing again, because he no longer has current knowledge about Vectorworks.

This reminded me of a discussion I had with one of my subscribers about two weeks ago. This user has been a subscriber for a long time, and when I asked him about his continued support he said ” it's not about just learning Vectorworks, it's about being current. Your sessions are useful to keep my Vectorworks knowledge up to date.”

So, the moral is that you should subscribe to learn more about Vectorworks, but you should maintain your subscription and you should attend the online sessions to keep your knowledge current.


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