Business Card Scanner – CamCard Lite for iPhone and iPad

I quite often get business cards handed to me, and I am never quite sure what to do with them. After all, I want run a paperless office, so I’m not very keen to have a stack of business cards on my desk to look through.

The answer is to have some sort of software that will scan the business card converted into contact can save in your contacts. I found some software for this, in fact there are about eight different applications that claim to scan business cards.

In this movie I show you how to find and install a program called CamCard Lite. This program says that it will scan your business card and put the information into your contacts. It does an OK job, provided that the card is clearly laid out. In this movie you will see that the first card is not clearly laid out and causes some problem with the scanning. The second card that I scan is much more clearly laid out and so the software does a much better job of scanning.


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