SST_1306 – Drawing Tips and Tricks

It is tempting to think that you do not need to learn the basics again, you just need to learn the tips and tricks that make Vectorworks quick. Unfortunately, this is not the truth. The truth is that many of these basic concepts are important to drawing productively.

The trick to drawing quickly and Vectorworks is to learn the basics really well and apply them rigorously. You will be surprised that some of these tips and tricks are using basic concepts in a way that you may know of.

Some of these techniques are not basic techniques and will require that you practice and learn Vectorworks to implement these correctly. They will dramatically speed up your drawing. For example, there is a command called Custom Tool/Attribute. This is not a basic command, but it does not require any specialist programming knowledge. Building some custom tools can dramatically speed up your drawing workflow.


  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts
  • Layers and Classes
  • Hierarchical Classes
  • Use Colors for Line Weights
  • Organization Dialog Box
  • Rotated Plan
  • Saved View
  • Text Styles
  • Dimension Standards
  • Visibility Tool
  • Link text to Record
  • Settings
  • Quick Preferences
  • Vectorworks Preferences
  • Document Preferences
  • Interactive Settings
  • Snap Settings
  • Viewports
  • Name Viewports
  • Class Over-rides in Viewports
  • Creating Multiple Viewports
  • Design Layer Viewports
  • Section Viewports
  • Section Line Instances
  • Editing Viewports
  • Clip Viewport
  • Customisation
  • Edit Workspace
  • Custom Tool/Attribute
  • Worksheets for Drawing Production
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