Landmark_SIG_026 Special Interest Group May 2013

This was the first session for the landmark special interest group. The users decided that they would like to learn more about worksheets, especially how to combine a worksheet that would count the planting, hardscape, and landscaped areas. If you do create this kind of worksheet it’s possible to save this in your library to make it available in every project.

Topics covered:

  • how does a worksheet to look for information?
  • Worksheets can find information attached to objects, like plant information, hardscape information, and landscape area information.
  • Using the Choose Schedule command from the menu bar.
  • Placing an existing worksheet on the design layer.
  • Formatting cells in worksheets.
  • Creating a new report in Vectorworks.
  • Choosing the record format for the report.
  • Choosing the fields to report.
  • Re-ordering worksheet columns in the create report dialog box.
  • Appending the new worksheet to an existing worksheet.
  • Worksheet Options… button.
  • Editing the criteria on a worksheet.
  • Formatting cells in a worksheet to show images.
  • Creating a landscape area.
  • Creating a new report to count landscape areas and appending it to the existing worksheet.
  • Editing the graphic style of your worksheet to add borders to the report.
  • Copying the worksheet from one file to another.
  • Selecting items by using the worksheet.
  • Exporting your worksheet to your library.
  • User folder or workgroup folder?
  • Using dropbox to store your workgroup folder.
  • Make sure that you have a backup strategy to backup your user folder.
  • Viewing SST Manuals on an iPad
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