Education_SIG_007 Education Special Interest Group May 2013

This was the second session for the Education Special Interest Group for May 2013. The topics we covered were not strictly to do with Vectorworks, they were focused mainly on looking for resources that we could use for creating online tests and quizzes.

There are several free online test facilities, but most of them are focused on word answers, rather than focusing on image-based questions and answers.

Topics covered:

  • I have used the Mindflash website to create questions and answers for Vectorworks that would follow the course that I wanted to teach.
  • Google search to look for other online test or quiz sites that can be used to create questions for teaching Vectorworks.
  • Creating online testing will help your Vectorworks students by encouraging them to answer questions on a regular basis.
  •  Using Google documents to create an online test. You use a Google form and the answers will be automatically filled in to a spreadsheet for you.
  • Examples of Google forms and the answers and a Google document spreadsheet.
  • Using Evernote to save online search results.
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