Education_SIG_004 Education Special Interest Group April 2013

This session looked at the Education Resources and how to find them on the web site. We also looked at the image on the web site that shows the parts and how the parts relate to each other, and teaching Vectorworks as a whole. I think the road map is really useful to see how the parts relate, and it makes it easy to plan teaching Vectorworks.

Topics covered:

  • New pages added to the education resources web site.
  • What the new pages look like.
  • The new Creating page to show how to use the basic tools.
  • Using the road map to show others how they will be learning Vectorworks.
  • New page coming on creating a 2D drawing.
  • Creating a 3D model quickly.
  • Starting a 2D drawing using objects, snaps and guide lines.
  • Using line weights to help visual communication.
  • Using Zoom Line Thickness to help understand line weights.
  • Looking at more notes on extrusions.
  • Problems with the filleted edge.
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