Education_SIG_003 Education Special Interest Group March 2013

In this session we looked at the resources that have been created this month on the Educations Resources page. Each month more resources are being added, so it is a good idea to see how the resources are being added and if the order of the resources need amending.

Topics covered:

  • Essential tutorial manual and how the new chapter on 3D modeling has an added to introduce users to 3D.
  • Why does the Essential use a consistent object for many of the different exercises.
  • Edward de Bono and his book on Simplicity.
  • Edward de Bono “those who know the system cannot image the problem facing those who do not” and how this relates to teaching Vectorworks.
  • New posts on the Education resources page.
  • New ways of drawing, using objects rather than lines, and using the editing tools like Move by Point, mirror, and offset.
  • Creating a 3D object using extrusions, Add Solid and Subtract Solid.
  • Using a 3D model to create a drawing using Create Multiple Viewports.
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