Landmark_SIG_025 Special Interest Group April 2013

This is the second session for the Landmark Special Interest Group for April 2013. The people who attended the session were extremely interested in creating a report that listed all the garden lights and information about the lights.


Vectorworks has had this ability to create reports for along time. But many users don’t take advantage of these reporting functions. To create a report listing this information about the garden lights uses two concepts: symbols and record formats. Record formats allow you to attach information to objects (and symbols make this really easy) that can be reported.

Topics covered:

  • Object Info palette data pane
  • Record format.
  • Objects with information attached.
  • Choosing your symbol insertion point.
  • Rotate tool for duplicating objects.
  • Creating a symbol.
  • Choosing symbol insertion options.
  • Creating a symbol folder.
  • Storing a symbol in a symbol folder.
  • Placing symbols.
  • Smart cursor settings.
  • Creating a record format.
  • Adding text to a symbol.
  • Linking your record format to text on your symbol (link text to record).
  • Using duplicate along the path to create lights to follow the garden edge.
  • Using create similar objects.
  • Creating a report to list all objects with the record format attached.
  • Editing the worksheet report to count quantity.
  • Editing the worksheet to change the sorting.
  • Editing the worksheet to group objects that are similar.
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