Education_010 – Creating


These exercises are designed to teach you how to use the basic tools in Vectorworks. Some people think of these exercises are too simple for them, so they don’t complete them. This is a mistake. These exercises are designed to show you the different options that are available in each tool.

The things you learn in this exercise will be important regardless of what you do in Vectorworks, so it’s important for you to complete these exercises and understand the tools that they cover.

If you don’t use Vectorworks for a little while it’s also useful to come back and repeat these exercises to refresh your memory on how these tools work.

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5 thoughts on “Education_010 – Creating

  1. I cannot get the rounded rectangle to do what you ask. I can pull the whole thing into a longer or taller rectangle, but cannot manipulate the corner itself. Only the move tool appears. What am I missing?

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