Learning Vectorworks

I have a few pople ask me about learning Vectorworks, and whether you should use this web site to learn Vectorworks from scratch. It all depends on what part of Vectorworks you want to learn.

I have created a map to help you  understand which manuals to buy and when to join my subscription service. Start with the branch of Vectorworks that you want to learn. Then progress through each step.

Some users may not want to work though the self-training manuals and I can understand that. The reality is that these manuals are really well written and they are essential reading if you want to use Vectorworks effectively. I have written four of these manuals and I can tell you that a lot of work goes into writing and updating the manuals each year. The manuals that I write have step-by-step instructions, explanations, images, and embedded movies.

I find that some users like reading the instructions and explanations but not many. Most users respond better to the images I have captured from the computer screen,  but they all respond to the videos. Videos allow the users to watch how to accomplish something again and again. You can stop the video, rewind it, fast forward, and so on. Also, while I am making the videos, I can point out the things to watch out for and I can add tips and tricks at the appropriate time.

If you subscribe, your road map can look more like this…

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