Education_004 – Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts

To be able run the software efficiently you need to learn the basic concepts of Vectorworks first. This section of the manual is designed to show you the concepts that form the basis of Vectorworks. We will learn to make a few simple objects, how to select objects, who to delete objects, and how to delete objects.

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2 thoughts on “Education_004 – Basic Concepts

  1. De-selecting objects: More often than not you’re zoomed into something amongst a whole lot of other clutter so that you can’t click in a blank part of the drawing without zooming out a lot (and then in again) which is a pain. Once you’ve got used to the idea of keyboard shortcuts, another way is to write a one-line vectorscript with the word “DSelectAll;” minus the quotes. Make it into a menu command and give it a meaningful keyboard shortcut letter, e.g. cntrl-N for Nothing selected, (except in this case you’d have to give up the default shortcut cntrl-N for New document.) This command saves a lot of zooming.

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