Landmark_SIG_023 Special Interest Group March 2013

This is the second session for the Landmark Special Interest Group for March 2013. The session started out with a discussion on what was included in my latest Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual for Vectorworks 2013.

The discussion focused around the differences between the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual and the Landmark Tutorial manual. The attendees want to know how one manual leads on to the next,  why certain exercises were in one manual, why the exercises were in the structure they were, and whether any of these exercises were repeated in this website.

There is a definite structure to the Essentials manual, which is designed to get users from no knowledge Vectorworks up to a point where they have a good foundation in the basic concepts of Vectorworks. The Landmark manual is designed to take the users from that point on to using Vectorworks Landmark effectively.

Following this discussion we looked at the Property Line tool and how this works with site modeling. We also looked at using 3-D polygons to create three-dimensional property lines and fencing.

Topics covered:

  • Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual
  • Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial manual
  • how to find site modeling on this website
  • Property Line tool, using simple dialog
  • Property Line tool, using the complex dialog box
  • bearings on the property line
  • Northings and Easting in relation to a property line
  • importing an image file
  • placing stake objects on contour lines
  • creating a site model
  •  creating sites modifies on a site model
  •  getting the property line to appear on a site model by using a 3-D polygon
  • using a 3-D polygon with send to surface
  • using a 3-D polygon on a site model to create  fencing using duplicate along a path
  •  creating a fence symbol for use with duplicate along the path
  •  editing the site model source data
  •  editing the site model crop
  •  using the Massing model to create quick buildings
  • bookmarking useful pages from this website
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