BIM_SIG_019 Special Interest Group March 2013

In this session we looked at two main areas of Vectorworks. The first area we looked at was Constraints. Vectorworks has several constants that you can use to set up relationships between objects. The other areas we looked at were the Reshape tool and the Move by Points tool.

Topics covered:
  • Introduction to Constraints.
  • What are constraints? How do you assign constraints?
  • What happens when you move a constrained object.
  • Editing constaints
  • Deleting Constraints
  • Adding constraints to doors and walls.
  • Adding constraints to walls with symbols
  • Inserting symbols in walls
  • Moving walls with constraints
  • Creating symbols for accessible toilets
  • Adding Edit Constraints to the contextual menu
  • Move by Points
  • Move by Points with walls
  • Move By Points with doors
  • Movie by Points in 3D
  • Reshape tool to move walls
  • Reshape tool to move roofs
  • Reshape tool to move walls, slabs and roofs
  • Reshape tool to move floors does not work
  • Use the slab tool rather than the Floor
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