PDF Quality on Export PDF

Some clients want to make sure that the PDF files they export are to a high standard. There are some settings you can use to control the output of PDF drawings, but it depends on how you are trying to create the PDF’s.

If you use Print… and then choose Save as PDF… the
quality is determined by the DPI setting in the Print Dialog.




If you use Export PDF… or Export PDF (Batch)…  the quality is determined by the Resolution DPI in the Export PDF dialog.







If you are using the Fundamentals workspace, and choose Export PDF (Quartz only)… the quality is  determined by the Export PDF (Quartz Only) DPI in the Document Preferences.

2 thoughts on “PDF Quality on Export PDF

    • If the PDF is vector-based ( for example lines and polygons) then the PDF from Vectorworks will be vector-based. If the PDF contains renderings, then it will not, and there is nothing to make it so. If the rendering is hidden line, or if you have hidden line as the foreground rendering, it will have vector-based lines

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